Friday, April 4, 2014

Round 3: Blog from Cobras

A good game was had
Troy was quite late for reasons
Cobras fifteen twelve.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Final results.... and other things

Another 140 odd sausages, another 160 odd beers, and another beautiful Brisbane night saw the Grand Final match up between Slamtown and Blitz. Slamtown were veterans of this moment, and Blitz had risen spectacularly this season to the minor premiers after submitting to the label of 'development team' for the last year.

Slamtown came out strong and scored the first couple, scoring up the middle with lots of hard cutting.

Blitz came back, staying within a few points.

One thing featured heavy throughout the game - the contest between Beast and Myles. Head to head in the air its hard to say - I'd normally give it to Myles on experience. Myles tends to look like he has a better read on the disc and has the better hands, but Beast has the better leap and was better positioned. Myles has a nicer throw after he catches it, but that doesn't help you much if the other guy gets the disc first. Which happened. A lot.

Slamtown pulled away at some point before half - was looking 8-4 at one stage. And then they pulled away again.

Blitz came back in the end, seemingly chucking everything they had at them. Even put on a zone at one point. But it was looking like the points they were winning were coming with too hard a fight, and not often enough.

Slamtown took the game out, final score (someone correct me here) 14-8.

A massive congratulations to Stef and the boys from the Gold Coast. They work harder than most teams on the field, and they nailed the final with Ultimate that was hard to find a fault. Although its nothing like winning another GF, Stef grabbed a nice pack and some beer for the boys.

For the other results of this season...

Surprisingly, similar to last season the MVP goes to someone from the top four teams. Goes to show that although a simple MVP vote is at times flawed, its not redundant either. Reece 'Junior' Stewart was the proud receipt of a sweet Berghaus pack and a special beer. With the modern dominance of Bryan/Dan/Bryan/Dan in Cobras, it means he's played bloody well to stand out.

Best on field on Grand Final night was Rob the Beast, and he grabbed some sweet beer to match his sweet orange sweater.

Last but most definitely not least, Spirit. I'd love to say that it was close, and everyone played with such high spirit that it came down to the last few rounds. But I'd be lying - Heroes smashed it, almost a whole spirit point above the next team. Great job Seb.

Thanks for the fantastic night - Brisbane Ultimate came out to enjoy some sweet Ultimate with the BPL and WUFL finals happening at the same time.


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Semi Final Results!

Hi guys, quick update, more to come later.

In a nailbiting finish, Slamtown took out Cobras to secure their spot in the Grand Final next week. (13-11? Anyway, Slamtown finished 2 up).

On the other field, although the game was hotly contested, the young Blitz team full of motivation ran the not-so-young Dojo around and won with a reasonably large score (14-8, or something like that). A massive congratulations to Blitz for there first BPL Grand Final appearance. Enjoy the next week of emails from Cunliffe :)


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Round 14 games

Hi all, the last normal round of the season features 1 v 2 playing off for the top spot, and 4-5 playing off for the chance to play in the semi's. If UQ can get a win over Dojo (UQ won previously this season!), then they book themselves a well deserved spot in the semi's.

Field 1: Cobras v Blitz 2
Field 2: Dojo v UQ Lovers
Field 3: Heroes v Bugs
Field 4: Blitz 1 v Slamtown

For semi-finals information, their will be 5v6 and 7v8 games carried on as well.


Round 13 Results

Table update.

Slamtown easily dealt with Dojo (15-7), Blitz 1 beat Cobras to stay at number 1 on the table (15-11), UQ Lovers booked themselves a chance at the semis with a win over Heroes (15-10), and (drum roll)...

BUGS WON THEIR FIRST GAME OF THE SEASON. With the return of inspirational Bugs mentor Mike returning for a game, they took out Blitz 2 (15-8).

UQ lovers - Moto
In a match that started with both teams playing savage, the Lovers zone D generated a lot of turns in the first half through a mix of strong D pressure and some wayward throws from Heroes. Offensively there were a lot of big shots taken with our receivers pulling down almost everything. Heroes mixed up their D in the first half with some zone which could not stop the Lovers flow and we took half 8-2. Coming out of half we got a couple more breaks to go up 10-2 but fatigue began to set in with the D structure getting a bit loose and few options not coming off. Heroes began to pull it back however the deficit proved to be too much and Lovers took the game 15-10.

It was the last game (potentially for a long time) for Gareth who has been with the club for his BPL career and he certainly made an impact, playing possibly his best game this year. Our all-stars also had a big game both on O and D, showing that the Lovers are truly a team to be reckoned with. Now to crush Dojo in our final game of the season and make the semis.

Blitz 1 - Cunliffe
Well it's was a top of the table clash and it was a cracker!

Cobras struck first - multiple times - jumping out to a 6 v 2 lead.
Blitz was making a loads of simple error - we were dropping uncontested discs, miscommunicating on basic dumps/swings and our long throws seemed to all be falling short or sailing long.

Cobras on the other hand were capitalising on every gift we gave them.
Troy and Reece we sending down lasers like hucks. Wetty and Bryan seemed unstoppable when they went long. It was Cobras in full flight.

Cobras took half 8 v 5 - but at half time it all changed. Blitz came out firing, we put away the simple errors and kicked up the defensive intensity by switching to man - it's was soon 12 v 9 in Blitz' favour and that was a big enough lead to run away with it.

All in all it was a fun, high intensity, yet pretty well spirited game given we were duking it out to stay in the race for the minor premiership - and it's set the stage for another top of the table clash next week - Blitz 1 v Slamtown - where the winner will take the minor premiership and loser will have the grimm prospect of facing the Cobras in the semi.

Very exciting times in BPL!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Round 12, and table update

Table update! Last week Blitz 1 put away Bugs (15-6), UQ continued to show their strength by losing to Cobras by only a few points (Cobras 15-12), Dojo beat Heroes (15-10), and Slamtown had a stroll through the park with Blitz 2 (15-3). 

With Blitz still in the lead, they face a tough finish against both Cobras and Slamtown ... if they beat both, they deserve to stand on top of the table. But with Cobras and Slamtown only a point behind them, if they lose to either they could easily drop down after sitting at the top for most of the season. 

Next week is the week of awesome match ups! 1v 3 (Blitz 1 v Cobras), 2 v 4 (Slamtown v Dojo), 5v 6 (UQ v Heroes) and 7 v 8 (Blitz 2 v Bugs). Tasty. 

And the only match report for this week comes from Seb. Thanks Seb!

Heroes - Seb
Dojo defeated Heroes last night 15 to 10 in a relatively unspectacular game. Both teams base most of their success on clean offense and minimising turnovers. So, although it felt like both teams were just going through the motions, Dojo capitalised on the mistakes that Heroes made and were able to comfortably run away with the win.


Thursday, October 31, 2013

Round 12: 31st October

Hi all, table update on the side, and matches below. Three sides in contention for the top spot!

Field 1: Dojo v Heroes
Field 2: Slamtown v Blitz 2
Field 3: Bugs v Blitz 1
Field 4: Cobras v UQ Lovers


Match Reports Round 10

Cobras - Troy

It seems that the reports required weren't supplied to Ads, this means that today we learn about one of my favourite topics.  "What is that topic Troy?" I can hear you all asking.  Well I'm glad you showed such interest, because today is a good one, left shoes.

I know, I know.  It is hard to contain all that excitement but bear with me just a few minutes and we'll get there right to the good parts.  I'll start with a surprising thing that most people don't know about left shoes, that they travel on average one seventh less distance than a right shoe for the average Australian.  This wouldn't be true if you lived in America or continental Europe but here in the lucky country this fact stands up to some lack-lustre analysis.  To show that this report isn't just a one sided (Get it, huh huh, get it, huh) piece I will provide a down side of left shoes.  The left shoe will be the shoe that breaks first for most right handed people, it is also the one that wears quicker on the outside back corner on my work shoes, this is quite annoying.

But we aren't here to dwell on the little things we are here to celebrate the good thing about left shoes.  Did you know that a left shoe is a perfect reciprocal for Baileys?  Yes you heard that correctly the favourite drink of people who like to prove how authentically Irish they are, despite having more of there heritage coming from English families that were pivotal in marginalising the Irish than actual Irish families, and of course teenagers.  Other less appreciated uses for a left shoe is housing for old ladies, they can be surprisingly roomy once that old person shrinking kicks in, the inside of a left shoe can be used to help draw a map of Australia, first it would work for Western Australia and if you turn it upside down you can do the east coast.  Just so useful, I don't know why this isn't a wider discussed topic.  They aren't just good for these uses they are actually a money saver, if you are a pet owner you could likely acquire a left shoe cheaper than a chew toy for your dog and lets be honest the box it came in will be your cats favourite thing you ever bought it.

Well that is all from me today and I hope that your left shoe laces may never come undone and your seams won't spit.

Please submit match reports to Ads this week.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Round 10

Afternoon all, matches below for this round. My apologies for the last table update being a incorrect - I've now adjusted accordingly.

Field 1: Slamtown v Heroes
Field 2: Blitz 2 v Blitz 1
Field 3: Dojo v Cobras
Field 4: Bugs v UQ Lovers

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Round 9 Report

Cobras - Troy 

Hello BPL, my old friend
I've come to blog for you again
Because a delusion softly seeping
Left it seeds while I was drinking
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within these words of nonsense

In restless games a disc was thrown
On narrow fields against a zone
Atop the table where we belong
If you think otherwise you are wrong
When a Timoclese was stabbed with a disc like neon light
His nose was split that night
So touch the words on nonsense

And in the naked light I saw
Seven Cobras, maybe more
Wetnose talking without thinking
Geo not hearing while not listening
Troy seeing throws his skills never share
And shouldn't have dared
Into the creek with that nonsense

“Fools”, said Dans, “You do not throw
Upside down or their confidence will grow
Hear my works that I might teach you
Catch on the way down the disc will reach you”
But their words, like the US budget fell
And drowned
In the wells of nonsense

Now the people bowed and prayed
To the Cobra gods they made
And the team read out this warning
The low spirit score while reading were forming
And the trophy said, We are the most MBPs
And this you now see
Thanks to the words of nonsense

Cobras win 15-5

Please provide Ads with reports or I will post like this each week.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Round 9: Match ups, WUFL, Beer round, and Market day

Hi all, a few awesome things are happening this week....

1. Its beer round! That means I bring the beer, and you drink it... after the game. 

2. Market day - Bring down any of your old ulty gear you're willing to get rid of for cheap, or swap. Old timers will likely have closets full of old shirts no longer in rotation that newbies might love to get their hands on. New stuff, old stuff, frisbees, shirts, shorts, cleats, hats..... bring it down.... bring some cash or trade items. If you're selling... sell cheap.

3. Womens Ultimate is kicking off on the adjacent field... and they'll be welcome to join us afterwards for a drink. 

Match ups below... first is field set up, second is pack down. 

Field 1: UQ v Slamtown
Field 2: Cobras v Bugs
Field 3: Heroes v Blitz 1
Field 4: Blitz 2 v Dojo


Monday, September 16, 2013

Round 6 games

Matches below, first team on setup, second on pack down.

Field 1: Bugs v Blitz 2
Field 2: Heroes v UQ Lovers
Field 3: Slamtown v Dojo
Field 4: Blitz 1 v Cobras

I'm away this week (holiday, yah me!). Tim Webb is getting the fields/lights/timing organised, and Coops is the LD in terms of anything that needs negotiating or a team/player that has an issue that needs dealing with.


Round 4 Results and Match reports

Heroes beat Slamtown (15-14), Cobras beat Dojo (15-10), Blitz 1 beat Blitz 2 (15-12), UQ beat Buggers (15-7).

Heroes - Seb
Heroes had one of our best games against Slamtown last week. We were very stingy with our offense in the first half, getting out to an 8-4 lead without letting Slamtown convert any break opportunities. They rallied in the second half and slowly but surely wore away at our lead. We drew the game at 13's and again at 14's. We started the last point on offense, after the handlers worked the disc to halfway Myall through a 50/50 huck to the endzone. Musty and the 2 Slamtown defenders misread the disc and Gav was able to make the big play, coming in with a sliding grab to seal the universe point win.

UQ Lovers - Moto
After coming a three weeks of inconsistent games, the Lover were looking to put two back to back halves of good Ultimate and we managed it against the Bugs. We came out with zone defence against a very different looking Buggers with a lot of new faces. However, with Tony Ross anchoring their handling line and some excellent popping from some of the Buggers rookies, they were able to work it through our zone without too much trouble. Switching to man D and maintaining a strong force, something that we have improved markedly on, we started to generate turns and once we had the disc we played very simple yet smart offence. Throughout the game the Lovers flow improved with our basic stacking and cutting generating some fantastic continuation play.

It was great to finally put to good, consistent halves of Frisbee together as a team. With the return of Baynes next week, the Lovers are looking to continue our improvement and make an impact on the competition this season.

Blitz - Cunliffe
It's the game that every Blitz player looks forward to the most - B1 v B2 - the Blitz Derby!

It's the highest intensity and most fun game of the season for the Blitz guys played with a sense of good ole fashion sibling rivalry (with a bit to prove for both side)...

There's always a lot of pre game smack talk yet this does nothing but bring out the best in Blitz players because for some unknown reason Blitz 2 always seems to play out of its skin when it comes to playing Blitz 1 and last night was no exception.

The game started with B1 getting a break on B2 straight away... this was a small blow to the B2 confidence - but B2 quickly got one on the board and then managed to break back not long after.

It was level pegging in the early stages until B1 snagged another couple of breaks and took half 8 v 6. B1 jumped to a 9 v 6 lead straight after half, but then something funny happen...

B2 decided they really wanted this win and before long it was 9 all and the pressure was firmly back on B1. B1 countered, and took it to 11 v 9, then B2 rallied and took it to 11 all.

It looked like it was going to go down to the wire, and there was a real sense in the B2 camp that the longer we stayed in contention the more the pressure built on them, and a win might have been on the cards, but for a couple of cheap turns near our endzone giving B1 the opportunity to jam in a couple of quick goals.

The game ended 15 v 12, B1 breathed easy, but B2 had definitely won the respect of their club mates.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Round 4 games

Hi all, games and fields below - first team on set up and second on pack down.

Table update on the right!

Field 1: Heroes v Slamtown
Field 2: Blitz 1 v Blitz 2
Field 3: Cobras v Dojo
Field 4: UQ lovers v Bugs


Round 3 results and match reports

Hi all, last week's games below (Round 3). Nice post Sensei.

Blitz 1 beat Dojo (12-10), Cobras beat Heroes (15-13), Blitz 2 beat UQ lovers (13-12), Slamtown beat Bugs (??)

Heroes - seb
Heroes were fired up to compete with last season's champions on Thursday night. Cobras played well in the first half and earnt a 3 point buffer to half. Heroes valued the disc a little better and made Cobras pay for their errors, leading to a 6 point run of our own. As all good teams do, Cobras retained their composure, upped the pressure and drew the game level at 13's. At this stage Heroes made a couple of simple errors and Cobras ran away with it 15 to 13. We put in a great fight and our effort and result bodes well for our upcoming matches!

Blitz 2 - Timocles
B2 vs Lovers is always going to result in a tough match. The game started with some UQ zone destroying B2's offense and UQ getting up to half at 8-1. After a rousing half time speech, we decided to start playing an offense a little bit more tailored to our team strengths. Athleticism and definitely not throwing. After finally making it on to some defense points, our man was starting to get the better of UQ. Dumps were being shut down with bodies flying everywhere. The end was potentially the most anti-climactic with B2 up by one point about to defend for the win when someone comes across and exclaimed that the last point was a the point before hand. The win ended up going to B2. 

Blitz 1 - Cunliffe
This week's game against Dojo was the battle for top of the table and it was a cracker. Blitz took the early break, but the vast majority of the game was trading blow for blow. I think the biggest margin in the game was only 3 points and it was a tight finish with Blitz taking it 12 to 10.

It was a game dominated by the defensive strategies of both teams. Each largely stuck to their key defensive strategies,  "hard man" in Blitz's case and "tight zone" in Dojo's case. It felt like one of those games where the defensive strength of each team was perfect to exploit the opposing teams offensive weakness - this made for long draw out points - where very little was given away cheaply and every metre was earned.

All in all it was a great hard game of ultimate that was largely played in quite good spirits for what was such a tight game.

Dojo - Sensei

When I think of last night’s game, there’s one word that sums it up:


Yes, poo. It’s something that the DILFs of the Dojo have had plenty of time to get accustomed to, what with all the nappy changing we get to spend the early hours of our mornings doing. But last night was different. Leon arrived announcing he’d spent the last 24 hours in a state of gastro bliss, while Coops spent the whole night desperately looking for a dump option, and not the kind you go for on stall count 8...

Poo is also a pretty appropriate description of most of the long options Dojo took on the night. Nice cuts & all, but whoa when the throws weren’t stinky the catches were! And when you get to our age, well, running all the way to the other end of the field is something you really only want to do once or twice a night, and even then only if you absolutely, positively have to.

The diagnosis we’ve got from our Dojo dietician (who is also responsible for the special supplements program that we run in the off-season) is that we’re a little “blocked up” now that we’re lacking the dietary fibre otherwise known as Pete Allen lurking around the endzones. So don’t be surprised to see us collectively eating a big bowl of”500 Brand” bran flakes before the games for the rest of the season.  A return of our weekly helping of Dan Walls won’t hurt either.

Blitz? Yeah good game all round. But I gotta say I’m getting tired of never knowing who you’re going to play against in a Blitz team. JMac busts himself up on the dancefloor? No worries - just bring across Cunliffe and forget about the B team. And then enjoy the benefit of being able to hone your strategy against the same team (ie us) two weeks in a row!

I’m not saying that either team is a 1-player team - there’s plenty of talent & speed on both. But I’m trying to think of any other league anywhere where teams are allowed to swap around players as they see fit. There’s something very unsporting about it - no need to make any hard calls and live with them for the season like everyone else does, just mix it up however you like knowing that come finals time (or any critical regular-season game) you can grab your best guys and pile them all into one team. Have that cake and eat it too! I certainly won’t be supporting this happening again in the future. Sure, two Blitz teams is great, but lock ‘em in from the start like Bugs did when they had two teams.

Oh and one more serious comment just for the record, for all those who said “you can’t call a timeout in the last 5 minutes” - that is INCORRECT. Read the BPL rules. Failing to get that regrouping timeout effectively cost us what should’ve been a drawn result. And that’s all I’m going to say about that!

Round 2 Results and Match reports

Hi all, results and match reports below for ROUND 2. Sorry this is so late.

Cobras beat Bugs (15-5), Blitz 1 beat Heroes 14-10, Dojo beat Blitz 2 (15-7), Slamtown beat UQ 15-6.

heroes - Seb
Heroes played our best game of the last couple of seasons last Thursday night by taking it to last seasons semi-finalists Blitz in the first half. Our offense didn't allow any breaks and our defense stole 3 of theirs to take a half time lead of 8-5. They changed to a zone after half and managed to force a few drops and throwaways from our team, leveling the scores at 9 and again at 10's. From there Blitz had momentum and ran away with the game. We became a bit flustered worrying about the time and dropped a couple of quick points to go down 14 to 10. Although the end score line doesn't reflect it, this was a really tough, fun, competitive match-up. I'm already looking forward to the rematch!

buggers - trev
It was a game between last season's premiers and the the only team to have beaten them. The Buggers came out firing early. With some big shots down field and the menacing Bugs defence we caught the Cobras napping. As the game went on the Cobras showed their finishing skill. The Buggers continued to generate turns but failed to convert these into goals. The Cobras capitalised on this and took a decisive win. 

dojo - Sensei
Look a lot has been said about how Dojo is going to fare without Pete this season. In response to that, I would just like to point out that pretty much everyone other than the few token short4sses we keep on the roster started their Frisbee career as a “Pete”. Some say Pete himself is actually Dojo’s first successful attempt at mixed-DNA cloning, kinda like Arnie in Twins (would that make Coops Danny DeVito? Ouch!).

In fact if anything, the resilience and consistent winningness of the Dojo should inspire the guys half our age playing BPL that there’s plenty of career ahead for those who choose to keep building their game even when the knees start to grumble a bit. I won’t tell you how old Sean is, but trust me - he’s old. And the more hair he loses the better those hammers get!

So anyway, that’s a long winded way of saying that yes, we’ll miss Pete while he’s on his Melbourne sabbatical, and we’ll welcome him back once he gets tired of hanging around in laneway cafes, checking out awesome live gigs, taking day trips to the Mornington Peninsula wineries, going to epic footy matches and the Boxing Day Test at the G... Err, okay maybe he won’t come back. Whatever he does, our plan is simple - keep adapting and keep winning.

Anyhoo - last night was another chance for a short-staffed Dojo to get some solid game time and bed in some new team chemistry against a group of teenagers who just don’t stop running. With Coops turning up just in time to allow Silent to head off for China and still leave Dojo with 7 players, there were plenty of chances for Blitz 2 to get the jump on Dojo last night. But in the end, despite Blitz putting up a good fight, it was a pretty routine win for the Dojo.

If anything, I reckon the Blitz 2 boys need to reduce their reliance on Cunliffe and work on their full-field team game. This will give them way more options to threaten on offence and make their opponents need to work a whole lot harder to stop them...

Looking forward to the next game. And who knows, maybe we won’t have to play Savage next time...

Blitz 2 - Cunliffe
Well in last week's report I said there were a few questions marks hanging over Dojo losing Pete...

This week Blitz actually played them and unfortuantely for the other teams in the league my doubts were unfounded. Dojo were still their rock solid selves.

It was a decent game, but Dojo were obviously the stronger team. Blitz had periods within the game where they traded, and even pegged a few back. It looked like we might make a real game of it at 10 v 7, but Dojo with their experience capitalised on some cheap turns and ran away with it 15 v 7.

Even though Dojo were short on number with only 8 players they continued to play zone, and played it well in spite of not having Pete. Nor did not having Pete change the fact that every player on their team is very savvy at getting free and capable of throwing strike throws.

Dojo appear to still be a force to be reckoned with.

Slamtown - stef
The Lovers and Slamtown had a fun and enjoyable match against one another!!!  This was something that we found achievable last season.  Slamtown were firing early, and Buzz fit in as the missing link in our offence in his debut performance in the Orts for BPL.  Phil Stocks also had a great impact in his return from old age hiatus, and the SFC average age skyrocketed a decade in the process.  Slammers stifled the Lovers for most of the first half with their zone, and though UQ found some form in the second half, they were far to deep in a hole to make a run at stealing away the game.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Round 3 Games

Hi all, my apologies that the match reports haven't gone up for last round. I'll fix tonight.

Below are tonights games.

Field 1: dojo v Blitz 1
Field 2: cobras v heroes
Field 3: UQ v Blitz 2
Field 4: Bugs v Slamtown

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Round 2 Games

Hi all, draw has now been updated (on the right).

This week's games are below, first team on setup and second on packdown.

Field 1: Slamtown v UQ Lovers
Field 2: Bugs v Cobras
Field 3: Blitz 1 v Heroes
Field 4: Blitz 2 v Dojo


Monday, August 19, 2013

Round 1 results and Match Reports

Hi all, results and match reports below. Including a novel from Cunliffe on the season ahead. Draw and Table updated soon. Awesome to be playing BPL again.

Dojo beat Bugs (15-7), Blitz 1 beat UQ Lovers (15-8), Heroes beat Blitz 2 (15-10), Slamtown and Cobras was a draw! (13 all).

UQ - moto
The Lovers came out slow against Blitz 1, showing signs that the Uni holidays were not quite over in some of our players minds.  Blitz capitalised on this, restricting our flow and forcing turnovers near our endzone which they clinically converted and quickly raced away to take half 8-3. Straight after half it seemed like nothing had changed with Blitz putting 3 more on the board. The Lovers decided to mix things up at this stage and threw on our 2-3-2 which quickly paid dividends and generated several turnovers. The success on D carried over to our offence and through some good handler movement and smarter downfield play, the Lovers put on 4 in a row to bring it back to 11-7. This seemed to startle Blitz back into gear who showed just how strong they are, running out the game 15-8.

After shaking of the rust in the first half, the Lovers showed some real grit to not drop our heads at 11-3 down and had a passage of play which showed that we can mix it with the best of them. It is also really good to see that out of the 11 on our roster, 10 are returning from last season to continue building a strong UQ presence in BPL.

Heroes - Seb
Last night Heroes played out a very fun game against Blitz 2. All players seemed to be excited that BPL was back for another season. Heroes started well, getting through the Blitz zone with ease and managed to get a 3 point buffer which we maintained to half. Blitz switched up their defense to man and quickly got a couple of points back. A Mikey Strelan Callahan got Heroes excited again and we carried the momentum through for a 15 to 10 victory. Fairly good start to the season from both teams with some good looking ultimate on show.

Bugs - Trev
The first game of the season saw the two oldest teams in the league facing off (Dojo by average age and Buggers by team history).
The Dojo were on song from the first point, taking advantage of a new buggers team still gelling. The score at half was Dojo 8, Buggers 1. In the second half the Buggs found their stride. Helped by Jangles' tactical decision to play zone defence, the Buggers put some real pressure on the Dojo's risky offence. This, coupled with some aggressive offence from T Ross and some quality flow from Luke and Tim, lead the Buggs to putting up a good fight and not letting Dojo run away with the game. With the promise of more to come the Buggers are looking forward to the season 

Slamtown - Stef
After what seemed like a long winter offseason it was reassuring to see that I wasn't the only one to pack on a few extra kegs (that's right, you're all looking fat) .  The Cobras, were hoping to open the season strong after a massive come from behind victory in the Grand Final, flanked by a less than stellar rendition of JayZ's '99 problems' on the blog.

The Cobras opened up a 3-0 lead, and looked to be asserting their dominance early.  But the Slammers fought back and found ways to level the game up on 2 separate occasions, only to allow them to retake the lead shortly thereafter.  There was some exceptional play in the game, Dan had a huge layout on the goal line, and Abra's full field rip to Kev standout.  As time expired, and last point was called, the Slammers were set to pull and needed a D and a score to steal a draw.  We employed a man D, and were able to force an errand throw in their half.  Gref inbounded to Abra, and Abra swung to me.  I then calibrated a laser hammer and found Abra on the break side of the endzone for the game tying goal.  In other news, Troy Booth had an unusually quiet night, as I suspect he was thinking about what song to use to effectively anecdote the game with... however, he'll probably try something of a more orthodox nature this week as he's been called out on it, and he always submits after he's read the rest of the reports anyway.

Dojo - ads
The first game of the season started with an email from Sensei - 'go win Dojo, I'm off skiing'. With motivation suitably high, the team that rocked up didn't even feel like Dojo! Missing walls, pete, sensei, watto, ryan, coops - it felt good to run around with minimal subs. 

With Bugs changing things up a bit, Dojo stands out as the retirement team for the league, has the highest rate of 'I don't play any other Ultimate other than BPL', easily has the highest average age, retains the highest average height, and with Fatty/Flan and now Georgie on board - the highest 'least hair' average of any team. 

With this many percentages, Dojo is unbeatable. Last week's game saw that trend starting, with Bugs suitably cowering to the height/age/experience/lack of hair of  Dojo - all except for TRoss, who hucked indiscriminately and assisted most of Bugs goals. 


Blitz 1 - James
First game at the 2nd season of BPL where everyone was waiting for. Blitz had 25 players registered on AFDA and we were excited to begin 2nd Season. 
Chris had bit of problem with the roster so we had to rearrange some players to move to Blitz 1 or 2.. We had some imports from America Trevor, Lev and Stephen brought by Spacecamp, and will be merit to Blitz this season. 
So, we were really excited to start the game with strong team, we took half at 8 v. 4. UQ came back up after half. We made a lot of simple errors, made UQ to get back to game mode. However, John made nice shot to endzone for us to enjoy skying. We played a lot of different offensive plays and D. 
UQ is very strong team, they are getting better and better every single games. So better to look out!!
Final score 15: 10 Blitz taking the match, starting 2nd season very smoothly.

Blitz 2 - Chris 'feeling wordy' Cunliffe. 

Well another BPL season begins.

Rather than just comment on the Heroes vs Blitz 2 game, I’d like to take the opportunity comment on the entire league as well. Suffices to say, I think this is about as excited as I have ever been at the beginning of a BPL season.

A lot has happened in 4 weeks and you'd be a brave man to pick which four teams will be in the finals at the end of this season:

Cobra's have continued their strategy of building a smaller but tighter roster, but with only 9 on the roster so far last night seemed to suggest they had expanded recruiting to include the opposite gender, which should give their opponents some strategic possibilities to ponder.

That said, it’s hard to bet against the reigning champs and a team that seems to finally be playing to their “on paper potential” on a regular basis. Plus with the Bryan Brothers being deported at the end of the season Cobras will no doubt be looking for a last hurrah.

Dojo's preseason was bitter sweet, they wooed Silent into the fold, but they lost the key component of their two default plays, "huck it to Pete" and “Fatty as puppy and Pete deep”. Whilst this won’t stop the Dojo juggernaut we could see a very different style of play coming from Dojo this season.

Blitz, like bacteria in a petri dish, now has 26 up and coming talents on their roster with a real sense that a grand final birth (if not
victory) could be on the cards in 2013.

Slamtown went a bit missing last season, finishing 4th, but their roster looks reinvigorated with a couple of handy pickups and Gref in attendance for week one. I suspect this season will be different and they will quickly bounce back from their slow start in 2013 to be in the mix for the minor premiership.

Buggers are a bit of an unknown quantity this season after what was looking like a fast finish last season with Mike being back on board, including a defiant win in the final week over the Cobras who were crowned the eventual BPL champions, but with Mike overseas it's hard to know how Buggers will fare in the early stages of the league and their season.

Heroes are actually looking really good at the moment - they were hurt by their loss of George and Musty, but this has been offset by the addition of Bevan and Jamie who were both dominate in their first win of the season over Blitz 2.

It might be a long bow to draw with just one win over Blitz 2 to their tally so far, but I fully expect Heroes to be one of the genuine contenders for a finals spot come the end of the season.

Seb best summed up the game in the spirit circle when he said, "I think that game was played at a standard that most people would not have expected from a Heroes vs Blitz 2 match up and that bodes well for both teams".

Then comes Lovers – last season was a “development” season for the Lovers, and whilst the loss of BW will hurt, rumour has it they have a few new faces who will go a long way to offsetting that loss, but more importantly they have a number of their athletic rookies that are back again for their 2nd and 3rd seasons of BPL which will begin to pay dividends in the Lovers’ “Win” column.

Finally Blitz 2 – this might be the most exciting development happening in BPL (though I’m a little biased), Blitz 2 is looking really strong!

We have 7 or 8 new faces, but they are looking the goods. And like Lovers, we have a number of “returning rookies” who have polished up nicely after their first season of BPL.

We may not have got the result against Heroes going down 15 v 10, but taking 10 points off a quality Heroes team with 6 BPL rookies is no easy feat and the calibre of play was substantially higher than in Blitz 2’s inaugural season. Expect some major upsets by Blitz 2 this season…

Cobras - Troy

The greatest challenge in sport isn’t to climb the mountain it is to stay at the top.  That is a side note because last week was lefty week or had lefty day or something like that.  I thought as a tribute to this event I would create a list of great lefties throughout history.  I started thinking about this and quite quickly I remembered just like God I don’t like lefties.  He (Well I presume god is a ‘he’, but if god doesn’t reproduce does god really have a gender as surely he wouldn’t create himself (Wow it is really hard not to assign god a gender when writing about god) as the only being that defies the concepts behind evolution) really doesn’t like them it is in one of those verses with the name and numbers.  This brought me to thinking about this season and whether the MBP award should be renamed as the BW memorial trophy in honour to the end of his playing days?  I for one vote that it should as if I could win a BW memorial trophy I would be much happier never to pass to anyone who wasn’t in the end zone unless I was confident they would pass it to me in the end zone as I presume that goal rate is the key factor on which the BW memorial trophy is voted for.  Also people who were right handed throughout history Michael Jordan, Shane Warne, Tiger Woods, Julius Ceasar, Monkey Magic and Optimus Prime just saying.

Cobras draw 13-13, Slamtown were also involved in this game.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

BPL season starting soon!

Hi all, this quick update is to confirm that BPL Round 1 will start on the 15th of August. I'll release a draw in the next few days - we've got the same 8 teams as last season.

For this week, we've got a pickup/training round. Fields open for throwing/training from 7.15 till 8, and then an hour of pickup. Bring you rookies and your old hands for a throw.

Troy - nice post mate. I won't even pretend that I read it all.


The return of the Off Season Blog - Just in Time

The tale from Wetnose

If you turn over throwing a dump I feel bad for you son
I got 99 problems but a dump ain't one

I got the font all wrong for all of yall
The designs to long and the box ain't closed
Linked in critics say I spam "Mony Cash Hoes"
I'm in recruitment so what type of facts are those
If you grew up with holes in your zones
You'd celebrate the minute you was having a throw
I look for my dump or probably four or five
Not to pass to the guy just check he's alive
Don't stress me to throw on 9 to a pack
Someone else'll play some d and get the disc back
Some other players intimidate my game
Even stomp my chest to slow down my fame
I don't know what you take me as
or understand the spare time Wetnose has
I'm from the city of Churches it ain't fun
I got 99 problems but a dump ain't one
Hit me

99 problems but a dump ain't one
If you turn over throwing a dump I feel bad for you son
I got 99 problems but a dump ain't one
Hit me

The year is 2012 and my nerve is raw
In my back the defender was and everyone saw
I got two choices yall call the foul
or bounce right up and and show em how I bawl
Now I ain't trying to be a hero and douche my mate
Plus I got a few ideas I can fight my cae
So I call over the foul for hit in my back
And I hear "Son do you know why I'm contesting you for?"
Cause you're young and you're whack and your morality's real low.
Do I look like a mind reader champ? I don't know
Just go and contest or should I guess some mo?
"Well you ran off line of the disc which I ran for"
"Back down now and take this dispute too far"
"Not everyone's like that, but I some of you Cobras are"
I ain't back down of s#$t my call was ligit
"Do you mind explaining you opion a little bit"
Well I was in front  you need to get around without getting in my back
And I know what happened so you'll need to do better than that
"Aren't you sharp as a tack are you some type of rules officianado or something?"
"Or on the rules committee or something?"
Nah I ain't Ruben but I know a little bit
Enough that you won't get me to retract that s#%t
"Well see how smart you are when the boos come"
I got 99 problems but a dump ain't one
Hit me

99 problems but a dump ain't one
If you turn over throwing a dump I feel bad for you son
I got 99 problems but a dump ain't one
Hit me

Now once upon a time not too long ago
A Crow Eater like me had to strong arm a bro
This is not a bro in the sense of a bloke a greet with glee
But a bloke having no God Damn sense, try and push me
I tried to ignore him and talk to his team
Say to him, that hes some fool that needs to peform
This didn't help it just felt right
I probably made him more likely to fight
This thing is gonna happen I'm all in grill just yappin and yappin
He know he can't back down as he is there captain
And there I go trapped in a head lock again
Down on my back I can't find my zen
Someone calls pick says we got in their way
I still on my back and have nothing to say
He now stands up I think this is when
He stood I my chest I had to say again
Yep right in the middle like a stack and then
He walked away and was luck I got held back by a friend
But ain't nothing wrong that I found it fun
I got 99 problmes but a weak ass dump ain't one
Hit Me

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Season 1 - some other results

Hi all, sorry this is so late. After the loss to Cobras, I had to have a period of personal mourning. I'm over it now. Really. 

Spirit is a funny thing. We talk about it each week. Sometimes its a heated discussion, sometimes its a pat on the back when a player makes a good call. Sometimes its a blog post, and sometimes its an anonymous blog post. Its something that makes Ultimate different. 

But the team that wins Spirit for the season - they've consistently held a high regard for themselves, their opposition, and the game. 

This year it was Blitz 1. Which makes it even more meaningful when its a team that gets in to the semi's (and almost the big game!). Cunliffe, the other Blitz leaders, and the team - good work guys. The spirit prize was a sweet case of beer. 

Cobras won a pretty weird game, and rightly so - they were spectacular all season. For their troubles, they get to hold the newly engraved trophy aloft, and Wetnose gets to take home a sweet sweet prize - a new bag from our very new BPL sponsors. Check it out below. 

Rookie of the season when to Rob "Beast" Reeves. If you haven't seen him, he's the tall guy with the beard skying your best man. 

Best on field went to Dan Mammel. Or Bryan. Or was it Dan. Dan. I'm sure.

Okay, last one. MVP. Like spirit, this person has to consitently perform - in BPL, you can't afford to miss any games, can't afford to be sick, can't afford to jog. You get blocks, you make throws, you lead on the field. In most leagues and tournaments, this person is usually from a lower team - they stand out like dog's balls every game. 

So when the MVP comes from a team like Slamtown, with multiple people who can stand out, its even more awesome. 

Abra was the very well deserved MVP for this season. Hopefully he keeps being awesome with his new Go-Pro! Hope you enjoy. 

For me, thanks for another good season. It's still fun, and I'm hoping I can do some good things that will have some long term effects. 



Friday, June 28, 2013

BPL Grand Final - results!

Well, the game is over. Last night was a blast, thank you to all the spectators who came along despite the drizzle.... it soon stopped and sausages and beer were had.

The final had the most surprising start I've seen, and had an (opposite!) surprising end to the game.

Dojo came out super strong. They had channelled some Samurai gods, and could seemingly do no wrong. Discs floated just right, Cobras dropped some tough catches, Dojo fast men were open all day. Wallsy and Pete were having fun in the end zone.

In the first half an hour, Dojo took half at 8-1.

Then Cobras turned up the heat. Dojo got lazy with some throws, and I stopped counting the number of blocks they got. They didn't huck more than once or twice, but worked hard and patient up the middle of the field.

Cobras brought it all the way back to level. Then they scored the next one. And the next one.

2 minutes to go, and Dojo are waiting to receive the pull.

Dojo receive, pass once, huck to Ryan Black. Turn. Two passes later Cobras turn it back. Dojo pick up the disc, huck immediately. Dojo score.

Last point is called seconds after the catch is made in the end zone. Cobras are up by one.

The next point sees Cobras turn, and then Dojo. Cobras work the disc up, and Finn scores.

Game is done. Cobras win. 14-12.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

BPL has a sponsor!

Hi all, although I'm pretty pumped about the final this week, I'm excited about something else - BPL has a sponsor! I've been trying to find something that's good for the playing community, and I couldn't be happier.

Brisbane Outdoor Gear (or, BOgear) is a small brand that make kick ass bags. They started out focused on messenger bags, and moved into packs as well - they are extremely high quality, handmade by a Brisbane guy with a love for bikes and great product.

I'll admit a personal bias - I've worked with the owner before - he's an amazing designer, and has one of the most critical eyes I know of for function and detail. He pushes his packs to contain reclaimed content, and he makes them for you to use them - use them hard!

They've put in a pack for a prize this week, and next season we'll be trying to get as many packs into BPL player's hands as we can. More info on that next season...

Go check them out.


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Semi Final - Match Reviews

A final congratulations to Dojo Mojo and Cobras for making it through to the Grand Final - its a sign of strength of the two teams that although the semi's were close, both teams pulled through after a consistently high season of only 1 loss each (and a draw between them in the first round robin!).

Slamtown  - Stef

The Dojo capitalised on a few early turns to give themselves a comfortable buffer early in the game.  The Dojo were patient and used their top target (Pete) efficiently offensively, and gave a range of different defensive looks.  Slamtown recovered from their early woes, and were able to make good with their possessions through the middle of the game, and though they were cashing in on their pull receptions, the Dojo continued to do the same and Slamtown remained either 3 or 4 points behind.  With the score at 10-6 to the Dojo, Slamtown cashed in their next pull and then earned a turn and score twice off of their pulls.... now at 10- 9... the game heated up significantly.  Points traded, and in last point was called with Slamtown poised to pull to Dojo, the score 12-11 to the Kenshi.  Slamtown couldn't find the block, and Dojo hammered in the goal to take the game and deny SFC what would have been their 6th consecutive finals berth.

Good luck to the Dojo as they take on the Cobras in next weeks Grand Finals.

Cobras - Troy

Are you ready, Alex? Uh huh
Dan? Yeah
Dan2? okay
Alright, cobras, let's go!

Well, it's been getting so hard
Playin' with the cuts you make for me
My reports are getting so strange
I'd like to blog you everything, you see
I see Wetnose at the back, he's about to attack
His foul was as clear as the sun
No one puts Reece in the corner, Of himself none are surer
'Cause he thinks he's not the short one

Oh, yeah, Alex was like lightning, his clamp d was frightening
And their sideline was soothing, to him they couldn't stop losing
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

And Brian in the stack said everyone get back
And it turned out we were playing Blitz
And Troy in the front corner, said Blitz I wanna warn ya
I still haven't taken off my pants
Taken off my pants
Taken off my pants
Taken off my pants
Taken off my pants

Oh, Dan's jumping up for something
Catching on the way down is all he'll ever do
Oh, I quickly call Gurin over
When you appear, there's no hair left on you
And now there is a jack
It's right past the stack as Blitz raises his hands to the sky
But the DW's in the corner he's always the scorer
He says your goal rate can never be too high

Oh yeah, the game was electric, so frantically hectic
And the crowd weren't leaving, in fact they all stopped breathing
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

And Linus from the stack was talking some smack
And it turned out we were playing Blitz
And then Reece was like, I can't understand ya
He was talking German against Blitz
Playing Blitz

Oh yeah, Kiesy's hands like lightning, pressure catches frightening
And the final siren was soothing, 'we all started grooving
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Next week Finn won't be sick don't let him throw a flick
Because we won't be playing Blitz
And the Dojo from the corner said Cobras, I wanna warn ya
Next time you won't be playing Blitz
We're not Blitz
We're not Blitz
We're not Blitz
We're not Blitz

I didn't cover the spread
Didn't cover the spread
Didn't cover the spread
3 and a half point spread.

Cobras Win 12-10

Blitz 1 - Cunliffe

So it's the business end of the season.

And I think "persistent performance under pressure" best summarised what was required to win the Blitz v Cobras semi and ultimately it was Cobras with a little be more experience who managed to hold it together in the key moments in the game.

So firstly, congratulations Cobras - it was a well deserved win. They showed some real experience to knuckle down late in the game to come back after being down 10 v 9  and score the next 3 points to basically cement their place in the grand final.

And whilst Blitz brought it back to 12 v 11 with one point to play to make for a nail biting finish, Cobras showed their experience and class to work it down the field and take the game 13 v 11.

With all that said, I was very proud with how Blitz played - it was our first finals appearance and I thought the boys played commendably and threatened to run away with the game if Cobras even let up for the slightest period.

I really feel like this season Blitz has dropped the "rookie team" tag and showed the league that we are true contenders for the title and I suspect we may not have to wait long to see Blitz in the grand final or Blitz 2 making a run for the finals itself.

But as with every right of passage in life you first have to be "contenders" before you can be "champions" and I sensed after last night's game the Blitz boys have no intention of only being "contenders"
next season. Look out BPL...

; )

Heroes - Seb

Heroes played a severely understrength and undersized Buggers last night and came away with the win and 5th place with a score of 15-9. We had them at half 8-2 but they rallied in the second stanza to give the game a respectable scoreline. It is unfortunate that they could only field 6 for the last game of the season. For a game with no finals ramifications, it seems odd that the Bugs didn't accept our offer of an extra player or two to make the game more even. Credit to the Bugs that were there, and did do their very best all night.

Blitz 2 - James

The placing game was awesome against UQ Lovers, even though we lost to them.
Anyway, the game started with 8 blitz players without any of talented super stars, but still we started with the first point. We couldn't stop BW and Gary for 5 straight points. However, after we call time out, we brought the score back to 6:5. UQ Lovers took the half at 8:6. Our match seem more interesting than semi finals. We seen great throws from rookies from each team, and great catches at the end-zone. 
It was really good game, UQ Lovers win 15:10 as 6th place of the BPL
Thanks for excellent BPL season

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Semi final results

Short post on results for tonight... When I called last point, both games were pulling after a score, and both games had a margin of only a single point.

Dojo beat Slamtown in another great match up. Was close the whole time, and featured some great bidding from the slammers, and some patience from the dojo.

Cobras beat Blitz after a few heart stopping momenta in the last point. Wetnose obviously enjoying the moment where he scored after scoring the winning point completely free, putting plenty of experience into the cut.

More stuff on the semi later.


Semi Final games

Hi all, field allocations below for tonight, and as always first team is on set up and second is on pack down. As a congratulations to the Dojo for the minor premiership, they get to play on Field 1.

Semi’s are on Field 1 and 2, and placing games are on the other fields.

As a similar tip of the hat for each team who came higher, the other team is on field set up.

IMPORTANT: Placing games are going to be played at 7.30. Semi Final games are going to be played at 7.45. Both are going for 90 minutes. We’re doing this so that teams can come and watch the end of the semi final games.

Field 1: Slamtown v Dojo
Field 2: Blitz v Cobras

Field 3: Bugs v Heroes
Field 4: Blitz 2 v UQ Lovers

See you all tomorrow.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Match Reports Round 14

Heroes - Seb
In a game where the lead changed a number of times, Heroes were fortunate enough to come away with a 13-12 win over the ever improving Blitz 2. Heroes started with a few scores while Blitz were still finding their feet. They found a better rhythm through our zone, clawed their way back and then overtook us to take half 8-5. We knew we were playing woefully and that Blitz would keep taking their opportunities if we gave it to them enough. Out of half we got a bit of a roll on, managing to get up by a couple of points when last point was called. Good resolve was shown by the boys to turn the mid game slump around. Jmac and Goose did a great job steering the ship for Blitz, but the highlight of their play was from their new players who often through their bodies around to get blocks. Alex and Liam showed real hustle to get a handful of blocks.

Blitz 1 - Cunliffe
It was billed as the prelude to the "old vets vs young contenders"
blockbuster - but if anything it lacked excitement and ironically Blitz and Dojo won't be facing off in the semi after all...

Don't take that the wrong way, it only lacked excitement because the performance of both sides was pretty rock solid.

Both sides worked the disc into the endzone when on offence very comfortably. Blocks seemed hard to come by for both teams. I even tried to spice things up for the Blitz defensive by guaranteeing a spot on the semi final team next week for any Blitz player that got a layout block... but still blocks were not forthcoming.

At the end of the day, I think the biggest difference between the teams was that Blitz made 4 or 5 unforced errors with their dumping, swinging or catching in front of their endzone and against an experienced team like Dojo at that range it may as well have been a Callahan.

Anyway Dojo have secured themselves another minor premiership and are off to play their old foe - Slamtown - the "old vets vs young contender"

blockbuster looks to have been delayed a week...

Bugs - TJ
Even this late in the season, the BPL can still throw up results that cause dramas for the tipsters out there. In what will probably be viewed as one of the upsets of the season, the 6th placed Buggers last night delivered the previously undefeated Cobras their first loss of the season. Some might view the win as even more surprising considering the Bugs were missing two of their most experienced players in Tim Ferg and Buzz. With a short line of 8 guys, the Buggers knew it was going to be a tough night against the Firestorm stacked Cobras. The Bugs came out firing and took an early lead 3-0. The Cobras responded with a solid zone D to bring it back to 5-5. A hard fought first half ended with Buggers up 8-6. A new look handling line provided a solid base for the Bugs offence with good disc movement and plenty of patience. The Cobras continued to fight and the second half saw some high quality Ultimate from both teams however the MBB were able to continue to convert their offence and generate Ds. As the clock wound down, the intensity increased with both teams playing hard but the Bugs held off the Cobras to take the win 15-13. The win was only the 3rd of the season for the Bugs who seem to have found some form in the dying stages of the comp. Talk about too little, too late! But it was an important win which will have a knock on affect for the semi-final match ups. That little Bug had one last snap in its tail. On a personal note, last night was my last game of BPL for the foreseeable future as I’m off to Melbourne. I’d like to thank all the guys who I’ve competed with and against of the past 4 years of BPL. It’s been a pleasure. 

Cobras - Troy
My interest in the world has lessened in the last week due to the AFL deciding that Geelong should have a bye. I mean give me a break, they get the whole summer off; it seems only fair that they roll out every week and put on a show for me all winter. This week though to fill some time a few of us visited Kissy and were quite surprised when we found a stack of Cosmo magazines, once we looked at them a bit closer we found they all had pages missing from them. Could this possibly explain Kasey’s impeccable seasonal fashion sense or his use of stubble to bring out his cheek bones. No folks this isn't what he gets the magazines for he assures us that is all just natural talent he buys them for the quizzes. We walked into the spare room in his house and the walls were covered in them, it seems he would be the perfect buff 4 life based on the results. Although sometimes he had taken an option (e) which wasn't offered on the final question to get to the box that he wanted to end up at. The other thing we learnt was his next holiday should be on a sailing boat. When we left Kasey’s place we ran into Commander Keith, it turns out he has hung up his lion and is living in Brisbane these days. We had a good day at the pub with him although he is very much still into his books and wasn't willing to play pool with us. In the end we left him to read the end of his Mr. Men book only because it was about my personal favourite Mr. Tickle.

Dojo - ads
Game of Thrones is awesome, but Sparticus is better. More like soft core porn than adventure narratives, but to each his own. That was pretty much our half time speech from Sensei. 

Another smooth game from Dojo, and unfortunately we were all betting on playing each other again so Blitz split their best team up. They had some great points from their younger players, showing patience in the face of Dojo. We were all standing around telling ourselves that the real game is next week, before we wandered over and saw that was not the case. 

This game saw Watto come back after being married. One more game, one more run through block. No thumbers in sight. 


Friday, June 14, 2013

Round 14 results

Well, what looked like the quiet before the storm of semi finals, turned out to be a smashing round. That's if you're a Bugger.

Dojo beat Blitz 1 (15-9), Slamtown beat UQ (15-9),  Heroes beat Blitz 2 (14-13), and...... Bugs beat Cobras (15-12). That would be Cobras only loss of the season.

I'll update the table and post match reports tomorrow.

Congratulations Dojo Mojo for taking out the minor premiership. I was about to write something funny about getting it through hard running and training... And then I realised we have actually been pushing ourselves to play a higher standard of ultimate. Not through training mind you, just pure will power and half time speeches.

Dojo, be sure to buy Bugs a few beers.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Round 14

Hi all, matches tomorrow below.

At this stage there is a decent chance that rain will affect tomorrow night's games - I'd give it a 50/50 chance of playing. I'll update you as soon as I can.

Off to do a late night anti-rain dance.

Field 1: Cobras v Bugs
Field 2: UQ Lovers v Slamtown
Field 3: Heroes v Blitz 2
Field 4: Dojo v Blitz 1


Friday, June 7, 2013


Hi all, I've been meaning to put this out there for a while. I've done 3 seasons of being an LD, and its been awesome. I'm not going anywhere just yet, but planning for the future now is much better than handing off in a rush.

The aim of this post is to indicate that there is a position open to be a co-LD for next season, or to be the LD and get support from me. We have some big plans for the future. I believe it will be advantageous to the league to have more than one person on board for three reasons...

1. There is short term and long term functions of being the LD - this way things that take up time in the short term do not mean long term planning falls over.

2. For most LD's that I've spoken to, the first season is filled with simply getting things together. Given that most LD's time in office lasts 3-4 seasons, this means that 25-30% is taken up by getting their head around the simple stuff. Bringing someone on board while there is a transitional LD means that this does not happen, and the ball isn't dropped on the exciting projects.

3. The league be growing mun (bob marley voice).

So in essence, I'm looking for people who would like the opportunity to either grow into the role (if you're a bit younger or less experienced), or take over being the LD but not be hampered by 100% of it straight away.

Below is different areas I take care of. This opportunity means that the right person would get to take on whatever parts they are interested in the most - read on.

Key areas of being an LD...

* Online Content - writing and facilitating interesting content for the Blog.
* Facilitating the round happening (lights, equipment, timing, field relationship etc)
* Planning for the season ahead (draw etc)
* League support (sponsor, QUDA, BUDA)
* Facilitating the introduction of new players and the growth of the league
* Promoting community in the BPL playing group through events and communication
* Ongoing strategy - in essence a 3-5 year plan endorsed and resourced from QUDA, driven from the key stakeholders of BPL.

Okay, email me if you're interested, or if you want to know more.

Match Results/Reviews Round 13

Game results and the match reviews. Sensei has responded to rumours of a leadership shuffle by posting two match reviews in a row! Whatever the others say Steve, I'm with you :). 

Video link below. Click. Watch. Ha. 

Blitz beat Bugs (15-6), Cobras beat Blitz 2 (15-5), Heroes beat UQ Lovers (15-6), and Dojo beat Slamtown (13-10). 

Slamtown - Stef
A great game by both in a jostle for position going into semi's SFC threw the sink at the Dojo only to have returned.  With 3 lead changes in the game it was certainly hotly contested, and speaking of contesting, there were a fair few fouls called as well.  All handled in good spirit, and both team walked away amicably.  Pete Allen was an absolute dominant force for the Dojo, and SFC didn't have answers to slow him down.  It's all set in stone now that SFC will play the table topping Cobras in the Semis while up and comers Blitz will have a crack at the Dojo.... they also finish the season against each other.  Slamtown on the other hand prepare to play against the Lovers, and hope that we can walk away with a bit of Love.

Dojo - Sensei
Poor old Eddie McGuire. He makes one stupid comment (admittedly after many other ill-advised comments over the years) and then immediately apologizes for being stupid but ohhhhhhh no Eddie - we’re going to hear about that as our #1 TV news item all week long. Like we don’t see enough of him as it is.

Put that into context with the Slamtown situation right now. I mean, all night long, week in, week out, they call one of their own teammates “Beast” and how much outrage does that create? ZERO! Not a peep from Julia Gillard, not a word on Today Tonight, nothing at all in the sports pages of the Courier-Mail, not even a disgruntled letter to the editor in the Southside News.

Well, I for one am standing up against this kind of shameful conduct. I mean, just because a guy has a seriously epic beard and is a bit taller than most is no reason to deny him the basic status of being human. Maybe it’s just the fact that Slamtown seems to be made up almost entirely of Americans (or Canadians - seriously who can tell them apart?) who are used to viewing the rest of humanity as something from another planet (generally a smaller, inferior planet such as Planet X - seriously you HAVE to click that link), that makes this crime against human dignity go unnoticed in their minds.

No more! On behalf of all my kenshi at DojoMojo I hereby swear that we are going to continue beating Slamtown just like we did last night until this crime against humanity is put right.

*NB not one word of the above is to be taken seriously, and any resemblance to teams or individuals living or deceased is entirely co-oincidental. Except for the bit about beating Slamtown.

Bugs - Trev
Both the Buggers and Blitz 1 started the game with real intensity. There was quick disc movement from both teams and quick scoring points. The Buggers came out and gave a solid performance  but the youth and athleticism of the Blitz team proved too much. With some break points, Blitz took the half with a healthy 3 point lead. The Buggers fought hard throughout the second half. The were some zone points to break the flow of Blitz's offence coupled with hard man defence. Blitz proved too strong and continued to build their lead to take the game away.

Blitz 2 - Craig
Blitz 2 v Cobras, well we did convert our first 2 offensive points to be 2 -2, but from there it was all Cobras for the rest of the night. Cobras raced to 6-2, with quick hucks to much taller receivers after turns.  Cobras took half fast and were on a roll. To our credit we did manage to score more in the second half, usually from hammers. End score 15 -5.  Thanks to Cobras for the game, sadly we couldn't make more of the game for you. 

Heroes - Seb
Heroes knew that this week would not be an easy win against UQ, given that they had recorded two solid wins against Blitz 2 and Buggers in the preceding rounds.  We were fortunate enough to have a reliable 7 players for the night, and the consistency we got from that enabled us to play some pretty ultimate. UQ fought hard but found scoring difficult, especially without the composure of league MVP BW. Mikey and Brad cleaned up on the defensive front both getting a number of blocks and Mike got himself a layout. Heroes converted a number of the opportunities we were given and ran away 15-6 victors. Well done to Gary and Baynes who were UQ's best on the night.